Using Seaweed in the Garden

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SeaweedIf you live near the sea here are a few tips on utilising a valuable free resource for your garden. Seaweed is almost good as farmyard manure, although it is lower in phosphates but richer in potash. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals

The best time to collect seaweed for use in the garden is right after a storm as the newly washed up seaweed has less salt in it than weed which has been lurking in a harbour for weeks. If it smells clean and fresh use it, if it pongs walk away. Only collect loose seaweed do not pull it off of rocks, by doing so you will be making numerous sea creatures homeless and damaging the eco system. Give it a quick swish in the sea and a shake to remove any residents. It is best to wash the seaweed with fresh water or leave in…

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It has become evident that our current system is not working. Rather than inciting riots, advocating the overthrow of our dominant power and control structures or encouraging people to tear down the systems of oppression abuse and neglect that we are all becoming familiar with, I encourage building a new system entirely. The old ones are falling of their own weight, we just need to find ways to get out of the way or shelter in place as they fall around us. there are those who will feel displaced, to be sure. There are those who will feel helpless and unprepared to face the new society that is on the rise around the planet, but that never stopped change before and it certainly will not stop the changes that are coming. Buggy whip manufacturers had their day, lead pipe came and went even the electric curler manufacturers had their moment in the sun, but they have all gone the way of the dinosaur, yet we still coax our preferred method of transport to go faster, we still find ways to get water into our sinks and we eventually came up with the startling idea of letting our hair look “natural” rather than forcing it to curl. for those who do not mind putting hazardous chemicals on their hair, they have the option of the “permanent”. (which only lasts a while)

I only mention these things that are passe’ because when times change, the legacies that we felt were an important, even the tools that we felt were essential to our “modern” culture went the way of the dinosaur. If our species is to survive, the concept of planned obsolescence, fossil sources of oil and the preoccupation we seem to have for more at any cost need to die out as well.

The more local we can  live, the smaller our energy footprint becomes. The less energy we need to burn through, the lighter our carbon footprint. Many scientists are saying that we have already crossed the threshold of the sixth mass extinction. Since the beginning of the industrial age, not only has more and more land come under cultivation, and more and more “modern” techniques are used to wrest food from that land. Along the way, habitat loss continues to claim entire populations of many organisms. This direction is certainly unsustainable. Many claim that GMOs will save us from threatened starvation, but the real challenge is not growing enough food for humans, but distribution of the surplus that we create. Those who have made their living from abusing the planetary systems that enable us to live here will never voluntarily relinquish the power that they wield. The only way to effectively eliminate them is to de-couple our lives from their systems of abuse and neglect. If we reorganize our lives to eliminate the flow of capital to their money-grubbing hands, they will simply die off and fall away. Designing a sustainable lifestyle is not only our right, but our responsibility as well.

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A Brief Musing On Ethics

Now, in this day and age, we seem to find plenty on anger, hostility, frustration and angst. We seem to be preoccupied by all things unethical, but it is easy to point fingers at what we see as wrong with the world around us. What becomes a bit more challenging is to examine our moral codes and bases for action. Ethics are based on arbitrary definitions, skewed perspectives and frequently poor use of language. Many of the world religions deem ethics as part of their teaching, but take one simple admonition…treat your neighbor as yourself…or perhaps even more fundamentally…love one another…

Seems pretty straight forward, right? Well, if we consider ourselves at all ethical, why are there protesters lining up to object to refugees coming across our border? Has anyone actually studied American History? We are descended from refugees and criminals. The vast majority of our earl immigrant population (yes, the vast majority of us come from elsewhere) was fleeing either religious persecution or they were sentenced to banishment for crimes. Late waves of immigration were because of economic hardships. Whatever form of ethics those who protest refugees from Central and South America coming here for a better life are based on either ignorance, fear or hate. It is my humble opinion that these emotions do inform us in the field of ethics. These “primitive” beliefs and understandings of the world around us do not rise to the level needed to inform our ethical nature. I truly believe that humans are designed to act ethically because their behavior could be replicated by others upon them and no one would want to be treated badly, unless they have confused abuse for love and neglect for caring.

These simple facts leave plenty of room for explanation, but for starters, we must understand that we live in a society sick from the hundreds of toxic chemicals in our environment. We load up our bodies with carcinogenic compounds and wonder why cancers of all types are on the rise. We threaten the welfare of others by heaping upon them derision, blame and fallacy until it is easy to cut them down where they stand or bomb them into “submission”. These are not the actions or behaviors of civilized people. These actions rely on falsified ethics. No god worth worshiping  would say: “Love one another except for the poor”, or “except for the Jews.” Nor would they desire us to contaminate the soil, air and water that we depend on for life.

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This year we are trying another method of sequestering carbon and it is supposed to conserve water and nutrients as well. Hugelcultur is burying wood under a layer of soil to create beds that are raised. This will not only add biomass to the garden but it will be more than double the height of our current square and rectangular raised beds, built up as a mound of woodpile, then covered completely with soil. So far the plants we have put on the mound seem happy as ever. Because it is more of a hill than a flat affair, there is additional square footage created on either side of the hill than if the soil were just flat. Just like purchasing land with slope, you get more square feet (or acreage) than if it were flat. The plants seem to love it and if the reports are correct, this will increase the nutrient content and water holding capacity of the soil for twenty years or more.


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I’d be Broke


I have no interest in sharing most of the blogs that I read, but this Ben Hewitt is really onto something. I am old enough to remember when I first heard the word “externalities”. The word referred to hidden costs in industry. When the externalities are understood as intrinsic to proper management, we begin to see a way to simultaneously maximize abundance and ask for less, but make more of it.

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The truth is I could sell you this place right now. Hell, I could sell you the whole life, every last shit-stained, shoulder-sore, money-slighted bit of it. You’d come down with me to move the cows at 5:15 on a misty morning like this one when all you can hear is birdsong and the small movements of the rising animals and all you can see is green and all you can smell is the sweet towering pile of dense pack hay and manure and piss and then we’d head back to the house to fry up a mess of fresh eggs with the mushrooms Fin brought home the previous afternoon. I could name my price and you’d write me a check right there. You wouldn’t be able to stop thanking me.


It wouldn’t have worked six weeks ago, back when a river of snowmelt coursed through the front yard and…

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My love is bigger than words and I’m afraid to show it lest it be misunderstood. Trying, anyway!


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Reminder: Turtle Movement Season

A friend posted a message today that we need to be vigilant for the various and sundry turtle crossings on or about our travels. ‘Tis the season after all and lord and lady know we don’t need anymore smashed herptiles. I have heard of wildlife overpasses, but in some cases underpasses are much better suited for the purposes of native organisms. In Madison, Wisconsin an interstate runs over a long bridge to keep from impacting “too heavily” the marshes and estuaries below. I have been alongside and seen the runoff that interstates create and that is why I put that in quotations.

Spring is flying in on some of the heaviest winds yet this year, our wind chimes are too loud, nearly, for me! The winds of change are upon us…thoughts?

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