Welcome to the New Earth

We didn’t think that the air was quite dirty enough, nor did we think you lived far enough away from sources of capital, or goods for that matter. Hope your car has air conditioning, because we are turning up the heat. The water you drank needed a bit of work as well, so we are adding a variety of chemicals to help you sleep and keep you from getting depressed. Volatile organic compounds are good for you. The very soil that gave you life has now been replaced with sterilized and fully adulterated dirt, never mind, you won’t miss it. Once we are fully isolated from the land, you won’t have to worry about getting any under your nails. Even the fires that warm you are contained, fully tested and safe. As long as your Carbon Monoxide Alarm is functioning properly, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Relax, this won’t hurt a bit, let us have a window to your soul, we will export your drives, belittle your emotions and inject a little guilt. When you get the eyes of our choosing, you will be ready for the fest.

Sound like the beginning of a sick science fiction novel? Well, it is really the middle of a true story. Sadly, it has nothing to do with fiction. For the better part of the last century, mankind has been hell bent for leather trying to subdue and “rule” the planet. What we have achieved has been a remarkable series of steps along the path to ruin.

Dynasties much more powerful than our own have disappeared back into the forests and mists of time. What we have done has given us little refuge in which to hide. Just as city dwellers must find a way to exist stacked up into the heavens, we all need to find new ways of being in a world that has never existed before. Check out his site from time to time and you will find insights and skills that may help you to survive coming to terms with a new global reality that places mankind within a natural matrix. Perhaps not where we thought we would be in this new century, but not a bad place to be at all.


About otherfishwrap

One of the last of the Baby Boomers, I remember where I was when JFK was shot. Good story. Born during the Cuban Missile Crisis, my life has been spent studying, practicing skills and attitudes that reflect justice and the sanctity of Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit. Trained as an educator, my life has been devoted to cultural development and social justice.
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