Blatant Plea for Money

our work through ECO-Tours of Wisconsin Inc. can be supported through online donations at Paypal. Our account there is under Funds raised help defray the costs of planting trees across Northeast Wisconsin, primarily in the watersheds that feed Green Bay and Lake Michigan. Through the generous support of dozens of individuals, we have planted over forty thousand trees that are transforming the landscape into a more hospitable place for humans and wildlife. Let us thank you in advance for your support and continued interest in permaculture!

We cannot separate our selves from nature. We must begin to learn from and value natural systems that teach us that there is no waste in a closed system like our planet, Earth. Everything is a resource, (gift) for some other creature. Even in death critters and plants become fodder for some other trophic level. please, lobby your representatives to enact strong rules regarding carbon emissions, perhaps when we begin to value trees for their ability to lock up carbon in biological systems rather than calculating their worth in board feet only, we will begin to turn the corner in solving our environmental catastrophe.

Power and control do not work with respect to human interactions and they certainly do not work with regard to natural systems either. Take time during this season of rest and reflection (if you live North of the Equator) to institute changes that affirm and support life and the ecosystem and learn to let go of habits and activities that degrade the planet, we will all be better off for your contributions to a valid solution to our current crises.


About otherfishwrap

One of the last of the Baby Boomers, I remember where I was when JFK was shot. Good story. Born during the Cuban Missile Crisis, my life has been spent studying, practicing skills and attitudes that reflect justice and the sanctity of Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit. Trained as an educator, my life has been devoted to cultural development and social justice.
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