Okay, You Got Me…2012

What we think we know is sometimes more important and powerful than what we actually do. Having said that, there are several universal truths and old sayings that we could employ to look at this sticky problem. “The more things change, the more they remain the same”, while not completely comforting, this may be the most likely thing to happen if those in power have their way. At least that’s where most of the “smart money” is. “Some things never change”, so at our core, I presume that there will still be those who prefer to remain ignorant, listen to opinions rather than fact, trust lies over truth and those who taunt authority by nature, no matter the consequence. Perhaps once we throw away one ancient calendar, we will replace it with another less ancient perhaps, but just as irrelevant to our lives. “Change is the only permanent thing in the universe.” As far as we can tell, using all the available technologies and measuring devices of all sorts, is that as far back as recorded history, there have been those who claimed that the end was near. In all likelihood, that’s probably the only thing that never does remain constant.  Could it be that every so often there are even bacteria amongst the throngs “saying,” in their own way, “It’s gonna heat up!”? Remember Whoville?

Although civilizations have come, mushroomed and died away, “end times” are not as likely as some might hope. Certainly, not as likely as some may fear and absolutely less likely than we have been told. Fear is the only thing that can hope to give new legs to lies. I will not give an inch on this one! Fear-mongers know that rather than propping up old lies, finding new enemies for the population to hate, mistrust and set ourselves apart from, allows great liberty and quite a bit of cover for their international economic and anti-humanitarian shenanigans. The things that need to change most are already evident to those who know where to look, but the eroding quality of education combined with the near total lock on media leave me and many others, who want to be educated, clinging to their electronic storage and retrieval devices. Talk about myopia. As we break the plane into whatever comes next, it will be much better if we move forward with eyes open wide and with luck, understanding and compassion a vast amount of of direction and purpose.

As surely as an age can pass, things can and do change all the time. We guide our own development, without question and as we learn to honor the next seven generations we are confronted with the fact that each day is a new beginning. We cannot afford to deny the fact that decisions we make today will have unlimited consequences. Even the tiniest change, exponentially multiplied over immense time has the power to result in miracles. Getting in touch with what is right is between yourself and the eternal, Creator, or whatever you may feel the need to call it, (that’s your business). You don’t have to subscribe to my understanding of what we are all talking about, “God” works in miraculous ways. the most enlightened among us understand that considered action is truly timeless and resonates with OM. Rather than running from catastrophe to catastrophe, living the self-fulfilling prophesy of topsy-turvey world, we can learn to benefit from the inner stillness of knowing that we walk into a future of our own making, taking full responsibility for right action that set us free from shackles of tyranny. That is part of  why I live in the North, snow days allow one to understand the arbitrary delineation that we refer to as calendar. This very day, for me, is snowed in. Luckily, that also means the world is snowed out. It is never too late to sit back, relax, get a grip on reality, and strike out on a new quest that is passionate, well-considered and purposeful. Especially at turning points in history, it is better to be the fulcrum on which change occurs than either the force or the mass. We can all give a little more effort to the change than acting like victims or being part of the dead weight. To quote a line from Idiocracy once again, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way!”

People forget that when the Earth had it’s first billion humans crawling about on it’s surface, the rise and fall of civilizations was already old hat. There were surely those among the earliest humans who were sure that whatever system was being used to expand the wealth, power and prestige of their leaders was unsustainable. They were right. Any time things get unbalanced and out of whack, major corrections are needed. sometimes invading armies or hordes move in and decimate your population. That said, what passes for civilization is not always an improvement over what came earlier. One thing that you learn early, when you study anthropology, is that there is a myth of increased leisure that people believe in, against all odds. Technologies are always touted as a time or money saving conveniences, but in practice they never are. More effort, time and expense go into development, refinement, extraction,  fabrication use, maintenance, and disposal than what technologies are able to save. How many balls a society can juggle at once may grow, but it will always bump up against limits sooner or later.

The reasons so many bite on the bait of December 21st, twenty-twelve are many. With luck, and a bit of patience, fortitude and clear thinking, I think we can manage the major cultural depression that people will inevitably feel after the specified date passes and we find ourselves in the same untenable position that makes us “wish” for an end to our suffering. Like all millenarian groups throughout time, we will have to find ways to bring the end times freaks back into the fold of humanity after they are proven wrong. I know that more and more people are born each day and that young-ones are unfamiliar with the tsunami of public opinion about disaster that crashed about us at the turning of the last century. I still see generators for sale on e-bay and craig’s list that were supposed to “save” their owners from power losses that would accompany the change of the millennium. People seem to cling to falsehood just as surely and tightly, perhaps even more tenaciously to  ideas whose origin and tenets they cannot fathom. Simultaneously, these same folks often reject truth, even when it stares them in the face.

By now, we have nearly all heard the story of the family whose Thanksgiving Turkey Baking Ritual involved cutting off the bird’s wings and cooking them separately, in foil. Daughter became curious enough to ask her mom, mother in-turn asked the grandmother. Still, there was no answer to the nagging question, so they went back as far as their great grandmother, who, thankfully, was still lucid enough to remember how it all got started. She said that one year, the last year she made the turkey at her house, the bird was especially large (because her family was rapidly growing ) and wouldn’t fit in the oven with the wings on, so she cut them off and cooked them in a separate pan on the stove. There are, perhaps billions of similar cultural dogmas that hang around our collective necks like stones, hampering our development as surely as any laws or cultural morays. In my mind, this “end times” scenario is a perfect time to get to the bottom of as many myths that do not serve us as possible.

If you have read me before, there may be too much repetition for some, so skip ahead a paragraph or two. Newbies, listen up!

Last evening, I had a nightmare that tenets of Calvinism were being mentioned on television. Although I was ecstatic that television was being used to educate, I was at once demoralized because the philosophy was being spoken of in a positive light! The  evil perpetrated upon the masses by this tripe has been far more damaging than the fictitious “devil” that some still believe in.  As a matter of fact, I am still looking for a single positive outcome that has resulted from the nearly universally accepted notion of “God” that people seem infatuated with. Some of the other fictions that we can only hope will pass from the face of the Earth are the that men deserve privilege, or that humans are more valuable than the creatures whose ecosystems we routinely inhabit and destroy; that wealth has any positive correlation or bearing on morality and that we should all live for today, leaving nothing for future generations. Since the beliefs of most “end times” proselytizers are based on fiction, it is not surprising to hear the individual notes of “Humans have ignored God for too long”, ” Immorality will be wiped from the face of the Earth”, “The four horsemen of the Apocalypse are…” and so on, working together into chords of discontent and disharmony.

Grow up! We all get the shitty end of the stick from time to time. Changing a calendar is just like…changing a calendar. If there was any relevance to it, we would make a big deal every December, 31st. oh, wait, many people do. Have you checked back with those folks who do lately? Have their resolutions been implemented? Well, that could be the subject of another post entirely. Although we are coming into the new age, the age of Aquarius, the failing of our old system is not yet at the brink of calamity, catastrophe or collapse. These things will only come when our way of life is more threatening to our survival than supportive of it.

Oh, wait, perhaps it already has.

My fervent hope and expectation is that we will find ways to exist that are far less consumptive, less reliant on fossil fuel and based on abundance, generosity, compassion and helpfulness rather than the way we have chosen to go over the past centuries. The smell of the soil and the exponential growth that is reflected in my gardens make me confident that the multitudes would be fed if only we could get greed out of the way and allow seeds and soil pass into the hands of the hungry. The amazing torrent of still useful and often recyclable trash that fills our dumps leads me to believe that all could be better  if we just nailed the distribution chain for once. The growth of the black market economy into ever more popular rummage sales, barter systems and other off-the-books techniques for survival give me great hope. As one of my favorite songs reminds us, “There’s only two things you just can’t buy, that’s true love and homegrown tomatoes!”

The domino effect of oppressive governments falling gives me great hope for the future. It seems that as our government pulls back from supporting rulers that keep their own people down while supplying us oil, true democracy flourishes. When the paper tigers that these government threw up, to distract their own people from seeking freedom, are shredded, the possibility exists that the awareness of their fallacy will jump the big pond and make it’s way into our collective consciousness. When we realize that we are kept off balance on purpose, by supposed threats, validating untenable positions of our corporate elite, we too will demand freedoms that have been long denied us in our own country.

Finally, before I go to book length on this single post, I hope that the end is near, for violence, misunderstanding, hatred and greed. Even if it is not, we can hope, change and demand reciprocation. Tragic mistakes that we thought made sense are becoming obvious as we poison our soils, our food supply, the very water and air that we depend on for survival. It certainly is not necessary to be a rocket surgeon or brain scientist to realize that things need to change. Perhaps collectively, we can all make a shared resolution as we change calendars this “year” 2012, Like a do-over or a portal to the beginning of the next 5,126 years. let’s work together, ever better not only for ourselves, but for everyone.


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One of the last of the Baby Boomers, I remember where I was when JFK was shot. Good story. Born during the Cuban Missile Crisis, my life has been spent studying, practicing skills and attitudes that reflect justice and the sanctity of Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit. Trained as an educator, my life has been devoted to cultural development and social justice.
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