Earthmonth, April Begs for Our Participation Walk for a Nuclear-free Future April 23, 2011

Activists are working to protest the nuclear industry and the continuation of the insanity of nuclear electricity generation here and across the globe. We are seldom extended to change the course of history, but as the recent protests across Europe have shown, the public is not convinced that their safety is worth compromising for corporate wealth and power. The vast sums of corporate welfare that have gone to the nuclear industry are unfathomable.

On April 23, 2011 there is a Walk for a Nuclear Free Future planned here in northeast Wisconsin. The primary group behind the event had planned this walk for quite some time as a remembrance of the 35 million people who have passed away since the Chernobyl disaster twenty-five years ago. Now, with the radiation still emanating from the reactors and waste pools in Japan, there is a sense of increased urgency to these protests. We need to use every tool at our disposal to strike at the heart of the misrepresentations perpetrated by the mouthpieces for the nuclear industry.

Even though it is claimed that nuclear energy is “green” or carbon neutral, the fact is that fossil fuel is required for each step from ore mining to milling, to enrichment, fabrication, transport, use and ultimate “disposal”. The additional risks associated with this type of electrical power generation make it indefensible for the majority of those who are willing to hear about them.

The recent push to increase reliance on this ill-conceived method of power production has resulted in such unusual changes as the recent increase in “background” levels of radiation admissible by the very government that oversees the regulation of these facilities. In Arizona, the governor has opened up parts of The Grand Canyon to uranium mining. The recent lack of information coming from Japan about events there smack of the lies told us over the years by operators and governments that are supposedly “protecting” the public from irresponsible operators. The Three Mile Island incident released radiation for weeks before anything was said on the news about it. Even now, after all these years, the public has not been appraised of the true threat that each and every nuclear reactor poses to the environment or the people who live nearby.

We have come to the point of having to face the bad decisions that were made in our name those many years ago. We are asking everyone to let as many people as possible know about the event that will include a ten mile walk from just north of the Kewaunee Power station, to Point Beach and finally, a potluck picnic along the shore of Lake Michigan near Point Beach Just south of the Point Beach facility. There is plenty of camping along the shore of Lake Michigan at the Point Beach State Forest and motels for travelers in both Manitowoc and Two Rivers. Lying less than thirty miles from the city of Green Bay, and within proverbial “spitting distance” from Lake Michigan, these reactors pose a major threat  to millions of people as well as the Great Lakes water resource.

Please come and lend your voice, your feet and a wonderful afternoon to the cause of bringing sanity back into the way we produce our electricity. Again, our ability to conserve power could render these facilities obsolete, our ability to produce power through less expensive means has existed for years. Our current focus on reducing government waste and fraudulent claims by our leaders must include an end to this dangerous method of power production. For further information, or to get printed information to help get the word out, contact

I, for one, would appreciate your time and help spreading the two most important words, “No Nukes”. If you only join in a single protest this year, this one would be the most important for future generations who will be saddled with our short sighted decisions for tend of thousands of years.

The walk begins at Noon at Wisconsin State Hwy. 42 & Lake View road. (.5 mile)               By 12:30, we will be at Hwy. 42 & County BB. (1.6 miles)                                                          1pm, we will be at Hwy.42 & Zander road. (1.2 miles)                                                                1:30 we will be at Two Creeks (.7 miles)                                                                                    2:15 we will be at Hwy. 42 & Nuclear road (2.3 mile)                                                                     2:35 we will be at the Point Beach Main Gate  (1mile)                                                                   3:00 we will be having our potluck picnic at the beach at the East end of Sandy Bay road on the north End of the Point Beach State Forest (2.66 miles away)



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