Nearing Three-hundred Views

As the cycles of life revolve through the seasons, we too change seasonally around our own axis. Many are familiar with the extra weight that harvest festivals can induce. Many revolve around the middle. How we judge the seasons of the mind, in fact is much more a matter of long distance thinking, or at least long time-span thinking.  Stirring up different things by the seasons has made it too easy overlook as one of the essential qualities of life itself. Our current technology allows us to explore one another in a new format, digitally mediated, as well as premeditated, act. As actors we each bring both creation scars to heal or revere in, as well as an interpretation of creator’s will for us. We are able to see a continuum of stability and insight to our own lives at great hazard. We are all, for better and worse recollecting a paltry collection of misperception, vagary and circumstance beyond our current comprehension. We convince ourselves that we have the ability to x,y and/or z but often lose sight of what might happen tomorrow and seem to ignore the future summarily. We seem bent on making sense of our surroundings, and yet often forget things as simple but oft’ forgotten as the vast sums funding images that guide and shape “opinions”.  The closer you look into the future, the more adept you become at losing perspective. Invest only in this moment and unleash the power of now! The most enduring qualities are what need to be enhanced and co-created through our actions, not the most expedient and drastic.

The next sixty-five days, I am committing to daily blog entries. Believe me, if I fail utterly, even I don’t think I should make a penny off the stunt. However, I’m hoping that those who tolerate my ramblings, see through my often long representations of the obvious and forgive my occasional stubborn streak will be interested to know that I’m willing to bet on doing something that seems, to me at least, implausible, if not impossible. When I rode my bicycle around all five Great Lakes, I rode bike, nearly every day. For eighty days. Sometimes I would get bored with always riding or meet interesting people and stay put for a day, or several, but even then I would ride to the store, or the museum or some other place that locals said was worth seeing. In Canton, New York alone, I stayed put for nearly a week. Doing anything consistently, over time, for me, is nearly unthinkable.

Now I really have to fess up. My goal, 60 entries in sixty days with five rest days, the whole encapsulation of the next two months will honor and reflect things that I have learned about permaculture through my own experiences within the Great Lakes Watershed. The sub-title of my larger book adventures of a bio-regional boy is also morphing into a possible second ride around the lakes. Many have said that my recounting of tales from that first Great Lakes Tour have made their day or been the most memorable story of the day. A second tour would allow me to express the grandfather’s perspective in future writings. That valuable quality has taken nearly fifty years to develop, and I’m a fast learner!

Just as I’m encouraging immediate and sustained effort to wrest the power and wealth of the richest individuals and corporations for funding the fullest expression of the will of the people, no matter where they are or who they might be, I know it sounds odd to ask for ordinary people to pledge to this project. The will in our country has always had the axis of free expression at it’s core. My attempt will be to tell what I have learned over a very long time in a short time. With time as my judge, My promise is made, the spell is cast.

Please forward this call for bets to as many people as humanely possible. I will re-post a codeword if betting is no longer permitted. The codeword is Cow-ar-dice.

I know that betting against my own ability to finish would be a much safer bet, but to make it interesting, here is my pledge. If I complete it, you  become responsible for whatever you bet and I agree to be equally responsible to reimburse you, as per the agreement if I fail.

Now don’t go tryin’ anything whack, like betting yourself as an indentured servant for life, just to get me to be your slave if I fail, ’cause that’s not gonna happen. but yeah, all friendly bets are ON! PEOPLE! Get out your wallets because it could get rough. Before I get down to brass tacks, I pledge to post sixty more entries to this blog with only seven rest days between today and June Nineteenth, 2011.

Please note, if I lose, but I ain’t sayin’ I will, but if I did, I would probably need to work off the debt, so look forward to me couch surfing for a while I re-tile your basement or something as payback. This whole idea was spawned by realizing that June Nineteenth has always been a big day for me. It’s the day I returned to Green Bay after my eighty day bicycle trip. I like to celebrate and this year I am planning to celebrate most all of the way to June. Sixty posts in nearly as many days. If you liked what you have red so far, read on by all means. If you loved it, invest a bit of yourself. Especially in these troubled and tortured times, putting money where your mouth is becomes even more crucial. The future is at stake.

This is, on one hand,  just a clever ploy to make money, so I would be remiss for not telling you how to send it. Through Paypal, our account is snail mail will reach us at: 1445 Porlier street Green Bay, Wisconsin 54301-3334. Please contact me by phone for possible barter bets.

Seeing the varied terrain and geology of the Great Lakes region informs a unique perspective on permaculture and design, on creation of a living testament through our passing. In all that I do, I hope that it is a gentle pickling or preservation of an essential feature or component of a larger system. That system has led me to design for life rather than living for design.  I claim the rights of my ancestors to have their ritual tools marked artistically adding both to their power and reverence as progenitors of our inspiration. Our relationship with Mother Earth needs to be the same way. Not of one cloth, but as an embroidered patchwork of many faiths, tradition, insights and solutions to problems created by living together in community. My blogs flow from a deep love that I feel for my fellow creatures and the ultimate quality of lives that will be possible upon the surface of this planet, and perhaps, one day, under the seas as well.


About otherfishwrap

One of the last of the Baby Boomers, I remember where I was when JFK was shot. Good story. Born during the Cuban Missile Crisis, my life has been spent studying, practicing skills and attitudes that reflect justice and the sanctity of Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit. Trained as an educator, my life has been devoted to cultural development and social justice.
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