#8 Inspiration

Finding source and merging with it has always been my favorite way to search for new ideas. Reflecting on ideas that have helped me to grow into a well-rounded individual often give me pause to appreciate all the love and affection that have been sent my way by thoughtful and compassionate people who inspired me to keep focused when times got rough. In fact, the only times that I get to feeling down are when I forget all of that love and the time friends and strangers have spent guiding and helping me to make my way in the world. Today, I saw several vehement people hating me for something they thought I was. It was ugly and sad. They must have been inspired by something, it must have been fear, because I know what being inspired by love looks like.

We all have two choices, we can be agents of positive change or negativity and dissolution. fear is the quickest route to the dark side, it leads to hatred and misunderstanding, judgment and self-righteousness. The people who yelled hateful things at me today were not anywhere I would ever want to be, so their hate was perhaps inspired by their own dis-ease with their own status or place in the grand scheme of things. What inspires me may not even be available to them, but maybe that is why I felt so badly about their taunts and jeers. Why anyone would want to threaten another human being, especially a pedestrian, with a speeding automobile is beyond comprehension. could it be that they feel that threatened themselves and want to turn the tables? Perhaps, but I still feel bad for them.

So called inspiration tends to strike me when I want to share an idea or insight with others who might benefit from new awareness or a vision of how to live better for less. frequently I will spend hours to craft a meaningful message that tries to express the truth, as I have seen it, succinctly.  Reaching out across space and time to enlighten or inspire someone else can be one of the most fulfilling exercises I have found. Doing it immediately and at close quarters is even better! In my experience threats and intimidation only make others resistant to your message. If they comply with your wishes at all, it will only be momentary, but then, when your back is turned, they will hate you right back, back stab you and try to run you down in whatever way they can.

I suspect that there are those who have been hurt deeply enough either by class or station to be constantly on edge, feeling licked by flame all through life. Hearing their stories makes one want to cry for their pain. In their defense, lashing out may be the only way that they have learned to deal with frustrations and lack. What they are inspired to do is exactly the same thing that has been done to them. Love and healing energies directed at them cannot help but inspire even deeper fear and disrespect. Selfless giving for some inspires confusion and more fear that something is up, leading to the need for quickly categorizing the giving person as a chump or loser, s they don’t have to reintegrate a new way of thinking into their damaged world view. No matter how hard we might try, loving some people will always be misunderstood.

I have looked deeply and at length into the face of death and my own mortality. I came back from those experiences glad to have seen them and unafraid of their “power” over me. we will all surely pass from this life and the only reasonable thing we can expect from our experiences here is to leave the world a bit better for our passing. truly inspired action changes the world in ways that cannot be understood by a single mind. Even tiny actions taken from love-inspired sources reach out across time and benefit generation after generation because their power to inspire grows as the ripples of their effects spread out across the universe.

The inspiration to lash out, degrade or threaten others comes from an opposite pole and have no power to change the world for the better. Instead, they can only dissipate and reverberate in the hollow existence of neglect and abuse, at best dying out immediately. The generational handicaps that this sort of negatively inspired act can impose are not going to be understood until we all look more deeply into cultural patterns, shared problems and fictional rhetoric. There are no us and them relationships. What we do to others, we also do to ourselves. When we allow ourselves to engage in oppositional and combative rhetoric, it often pulls our own energy down into that dark place that inspires fear and hatred.

Einstein’s quote comes to mind again…”The only difference between ignorance and genius is that genius has it’s limits.”

The ignorance that I witnessed today inspires me to change for the better, continue to seek truth and fins ways of sharing the blessings that I have been given with the poor, the less fortunate and to trey to enlighten those who have let darkness rule their lives and poison their minds. I may not ever be able to “save” a single one, but I can have compassion for their plight, try to share a moment or two honoring and respecting them and trying to share just a bit of truth with them as well. Meeting the unknown face to face, holding one’s head high as you confront truth, however you may find it, that is what separates adults from children, lovers from fighters and “children of God” from those who are agents of darkness.  In all of our lives, we need to cultivate relationships with truth, nature and our fellow creatures on the planet. The time we put into these relationships inspires change in the world. Not only for ourselves, but for those who witness and bear witness to the miracles that ensue when we take inspired action. Blessed are the compassionate, for they know the pain of others and reach out to them in their moments of need and deprivation.


About otherfishwrap

One of the last of the Baby Boomers, I remember where I was when JFK was shot. Good story. Born during the Cuban Missile Crisis, my life has been spent studying, practicing skills and attitudes that reflect justice and the sanctity of Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit. Trained as an educator, my life has been devoted to cultural development and social justice.
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