#25 Energy

The word itself is so simple, but so much baggage has been put upon these five little letters, that whole volumes have been devoted to understanding just one form or even, at times, a single wavelength. We lack devices or instrumentation to detect many of the energies that we are bombarded with daily, but there is an electromagnetic spectrum we recognize that extends from sub sonic regions, up through sonic levels, ultrasonic, radio waves, microwaves,  infared, visible light and on up through ultra-violet, x-rays and gamma rays. amazingly, the visible light part of the spectrum is but a tiny fraction of the whole, yet we rely on “believing our eyes” for the majority of what we consider to be our experience of reality. My own belief is that reality is not only not limited to the entire spectrum, but extends far beyond what can be quantified by present-day tools or techniques.

Ancient people realized that there were two frequencies uniquely suited for larders. My own understanding is that one resonant chamber was better for root crops and the other was better for fruiting bodies that form above ground. how they knew this is one of the great mysteries of the ages, but it surely would have been highly unlikely to be discovered by trial and error. All across Europe there are underground chambers, but oddly, these human-made holes, that archaeologists theorize were for storing food, resonate at one of two frequencies. It has been so long since I heard this unusual fact that I forget the numbers, but I think that they are two hertz and eight hertz. Ancient people knew something about their relationship to the “vibes” of the planet as well as their fruits and veggies than we may ever be able to quantify. Rest assured they knew more than we do about how to preserve as much food as possible using long forgotten techniques and methods. We can only hope to rediscover their ancient knowledge if we take our time, think a lot and try to replicate their designs.

Great advances have been made in capturing various wavelengths of energy for solar panels, but perhaps this is only the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps one day we will learn ways to utilize good vibes to power our days. Who hasn’t experienced the classic energy vampire who thwarts any real progress in any field just by being there? Ironically, this is the term we use for wall warts and devices that suck power even when they are turned off. When we learn about and come to understand the energy that powers most of our mechanized world, we turn our attention to something quite different, but use the same word to describe it. This can be confusing, but hey, we inherited this language, it comes with plenty of odd little quirks and oddities. I have always found it equally odd that we often speak of spiritual energies, like the love and compassionate energy of the masters, or the transcendent energy that overcomes us during rituals or prayer. Rather than finding a new or undiscovered place on the electro-magnetic spectrum for these types of energies, perhaps we need to understand their unique place in our lives.

When I first decided to write on this topic, I thought that I would describe the variety of sources that we use to supply our society with electric power, motive force, and thermal buffering. Listing percentages, going over the amount of energy provided by the different fuels, even discussing the differing efficiencies of appliances, etc. Perhaps, one day, I will revisit this topic, but with all my personal research on those aspects of our energy requirements, there have to be sources that you could read yourself without me making long boring lists. For more information, Cool Energy by Brower, Powering the Midwest by the Union of Concerned Scientists, or A Primer on Renewable Energy by Hayden have proven to be helpful in getting a picture of where we stand and what may be coming down the pike when it comes to our “energy future”. Rodale Press published Producing Your Own Power which is decent and another good source that gets a bit technical is Living on 12 Volts With Ample Power, by Smead and Ishihara, though over twenty years old, has some great information for small scale electric generating systems. With the new availability of cheap solar panels from China, there is little reason to not get involved in producing at least some of one’s own electric power.

The most available source of energy is food and the most efficient way to unlock the potential within our food supply, the human body, is often the most overlooked and misunderstood tool we have in our arsenal for creating a sustainable culture. It is also essential to understanding our current position to understand that the earth has it’s own energy, each of the planet’s inhabitants has their own energy and together, their energies combine and work with one another to create energies unique to each ecotone and habitat. The ancient art/science of Feng Shui delves into this topic in great detail,but again, it is one more form of energy. We may perceive it as completely different than the other two energies, but on many levels, it is just a different part of the spectrum. spirits exude energy, that is why we are so loathe to deny the existence of the spirit world. If we discover what to look for, or what is there to be felt, we can learn to understand the language of pure energy. In fact, our future may depend on all of us doing quite a bit more of that. blessings on your path and may you find peace and abundance beyond all imagining!


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One of the last of the Baby Boomers, I remember where I was when JFK was shot. Good story. Born during the Cuban Missile Crisis, my life has been spent studying, practicing skills and attitudes that reflect justice and the sanctity of Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit. Trained as an educator, my life has been devoted to cultural development and social justice.
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