#30 Thinking Without A Box

As we rapidly approach  singularity, it is inevitable that we recognize, no matter how far  catastrophic suffering and dislocation, happens, it affects us all. We are one people, who happen to coat the planet. Our corporate elites are the same, though they may capitalize on different resources. If our oppressors have no box, then why shouldn’t we? It may come as a complete surprise, but what passes for news is put out as sports were for the ancient Greeks, a way of keeping the rabble out of politics. The last thing any good bureaucrat wants is to experience oversight or involvement of meddlesome do-gooders. The fact that so much wool has been pulled over our collective eyes surely will mean more short-run trauma when folks find out about the lies. Race is fiction, humans are born benevolent, compassionate and helpful. Only abuse or neglect can bring about greed and brutishness. In the realm of societal history, our generation has been handed a giant shit sandwich. Pardon me if I don’t pull any punches, it just irks me that peaceful loving people were active nearly fifty years ago they fought the good fight and made every kind of wave and virtually nothing has changed. In some areas we are far worse off today than during the time of the hippies, and they were enraged.

A wise man once said, You have to be out of your head to be in your right mind. The electro-magneitc spectrum is massive in terms of scope and complexity, yet we are aware of just a tiny fraction of it’s wavelengths. The adrenaline that we used to feel when an “earth shattering” event took place is not enough to get the same level of excitement when calamity strikes each week or day from faceless millions on one continent or another. My wife and I used to joke, “Wonder how far they will have to go for tonight’s tragedy?” All too often the answer is always as far as they have to. We look away from the nuclear disaster in Japan because irradiated places look exactly like non-irradiated ones. Explaining the concept of tens of thousands of years is untenable for broadcast or cable tv. The revolution that we need cannot be televised. When the change happens, for each person, it may take only an instant, the chance of having a camera set up and ready is infinitely miniscule and there would be no clever way to break it up for commercials. The realization point is so brief as to defy all those teaser type programs as well. Some reading this will have already had their boxes destroyed, but for those who have not, it happens when you fully appreciate the depth of lies that have been foisted upon you and begin to peel away the layers of the putrid affair layer by layer.  There are probably as many trigger realizations as there are people. One might begin to implode belief upon belief after finding out that sport was invented by the Greeks to keep people out of politics. The concept of getting out aggression through watching sport is sophomoric and mind-numbingly ignorant of the facts. When local teams lose, rates of spousal abuse and domestic violence rise. It is uncanny how thinly veiled many of these lies are, considering that they want you to believe them all.

The nuclear industry was the break out issue for me. Here I was, a young adult. Working to learn as much as possible about Rocky Flats to shut it down. I lived in Denver and wanted to be safe from what eventually came to pass. Rocky flats was turned into the largest Superfund site of the last century. Air, the earth itself and the waters have all been contaminated with long lasting radioactive isotopes. Even after remediation, radiation remains airborne at times, in the waters and on the soils. The box shattered back in the seventies when I found out that the only reason for nuclear power to exist is so you can get waste that needs to be produced so that you can start to build a weapon of mass destruction, but we didn’t call it that then. We just said A-bomb or more cryptically “the bomb” because everyone who had heard of it was afraid to think of it.

Without a box we must all, on some level, realize that insanity is insanity no matter who is selling it. Here is a box breaker for some, those guys in suits making billions, the ones who can and do move markets on a whim, the massive pain and suffering that have been unleashed on the world economy by them is unforgivable. Their “mosquitoes bite” shook the whole thigh and neck of the American economy, with many losing 1/3 to 1/2 of their investments (that’s another word for money, supposedly, the kind you are supposed to live on later.) Old folks, pensioners and those we were supposed to look up to, once upon a time. Spin a few yarns of virtually any part of our cultural heritage and you will find snags and deception erosion of liberty, freedom and justice. It sometimes seems that more often than not, we were cowed and sold a bill of goods all the way to the bank for some rich folks.

Perhaps I was lucky to be born poor, that way the starkness and isolation that I felt at knowing more about the structure and function of our military industrial complex than the vast majority of society, was felt less acutely because I was from  a pariah class to begin with. Poor and white, has always had more of a sting to it than the word poor when paired with any other ethnicity, as if I asked, or deserved to be poor. Now I can truly say that I feel liuke the richest man in the world, not because I have no want for money, but for the myriad things that I do have in spite of the fact that I have very little money. I am rich in friends, rich in family, rich in my personal health (after having lost 100 pounds), even one might say spiritually rich, because I frequently find others to resonate with on higher levels.

Try, for a moment, to let it sink in that every major war ever entered into by the U.S of America,except the Civil War, was a charade. Remember the Maine? Plastic explosives traceable to DOW chemicals founders were the real cause of the disaster. DOW stood to make out handily from the Spanish-American War. How about the Lusiatania? Bet you didn’t know that tons of gold and weapons were aboard, making her more of a naval ship than a passenger one. On the other side of that conflict, western powers enlisted the help of Middle Eastern warlords by promising them self determination in payment for their fighting against the Kaiser with us. This may fall into the vast category of lies of omission, but when Arab people shout for self determination, remember, it was promised them over a century ago. Even the atrocity at Pearl Harbor could have been substantially less gruesome if we had only raised the alarm when we received intelligence of an imminent attack. Even the charade after 9-11. Virtually no ink was spilled on the issue of how we could get caught with our pants that far down. a dozen or so guys, all on FBI, CIA, etc. watch lists, buying tickets on the same four flights? Give me a break, on some level, it was more our fault than theirs.

In a world of crazies and craziness, we have but a few remnants, shards of social conscience and a somewhat atrophied sense of what it means to be human. We need to share the truth of his fact as much and often as possible. Learning by doing may be the last best chance we have to overcome the strangle hold our overlords deem appropriate for us. Learn fast!


About otherfishwrap

One of the last of the Baby Boomers, I remember where I was when JFK was shot. Good story. Born during the Cuban Missile Crisis, my life has been spent studying, practicing skills and attitudes that reflect justice and the sanctity of Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit. Trained as an educator, my life has been devoted to cultural development and social justice.
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