Norwegian Bloodshed

The time has come, to stop for a moment, put aside our various interests, our personal machinations and missions, to share in the suffering of the families who lost friends and family this week. Are we to stand by while converts to radical beliefs, whatever they may be, are given air time, perpetrating their hatred and lies, their deceitful prejudices and vehement rhetoric, then deny the results of unchecked nationalism, no more clearly, fascism? Those who deny the truth of the image we have all seen, the sphere of earth, suspended in space, who want to divide up the planet by color or religion, or continent deserve no quarter. The time for standing in league with truth rather than fiction has long passed. I am a stand for the re-evaluation of what we are, who we have become, and what our responsibilities to a larger culture and indeed the planet and hopefully future generations of folks like us…

The mindset that leads some to destroy, in the name of (fill in appropriate noun) need to be censured from the grass roots up. When sociopaths and psychopaths were in tribal cultures, they were banished. The ground rules were simple, either cooperate, for the common good, or go away.  The planet has grown too small to send bad actors “away”. Like the proverbial Pavlovian dog, salivating each time a bell rings, our media rush to bring tragedy to our door. We must realize that the thousands of personal tragedies that occur each day and are not covered by the news, are at least as devastating to those involved as the ones we see from around the planet.

Like a perverse dance or cocktail party in which a herd of elephants have taken up residence, yet the guests dare not say a word, to not offend their hosts, we too ignore the nationalistic rhetoric of people too scared of the world to be trusted with policy, those so committed to their own defense as to overlook the majority of human potential, so rigorous in their study of the multitudes of conspiracy theories , that no moral high ground remains. There is nothing left to stand on to get above the rising tide of desolation and destruction, flotsam and jetsam leave little to cling to when one fears that their culture is being destroyed.

In fact, culture, like language must remain alive to have any meaning as well as the meanings continuing to resonate for the language to be able to refer to important things. say, for instance that I was from a culture that revered the maple sap harvest and the subsequent production of sugar for the year from this month or so of intensive effort. all of the words that we used during that rite of Spring would be useless to a civilization that only used cane sugar from regions far far away. now, we stand at the brink of an age. Many say, a new beginning. We must stand arm in arm if necessary to protest the blatant ignorance that lies behind hateful eyes.

This week, a man has been put to death in Texas because the “state” claimed a compelling interest. The man did kill several people, but the sole survivor of his racially motivated attack begged for the state to change his sentence to life without parole, saying that he had forgiven him for the attack. When we kill people to teach people that it is wrong to kill people, we create a systematic pathology that allows all sorts of fudging the basic fact. Killing the inconvenient is every bit as fatal to the victim as assaulting any enemy. We need to stand as one against this fallacy, this flight from reason.

I certainly cannot say that I feel capable of expressing appropriate empathy for those who have lost loved ones, friends and colleagues in the attacks on Norway. That is for all the people to reflect, in the many ways that they can. What we must not fail to do, is to learn from this terrible turn of events that the enemies are perverse ideas that lie unchallenged, our very own people who choose to remain ignorant to the facts inherent on a shrinking planet and the perpetration of these ideas by those who stand to gain from ever increasing chaos that is the fruit of hostility, greed and corruption.


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One of the last of the Baby Boomers, I remember where I was when JFK was shot. Good story. Born during the Cuban Missile Crisis, my life has been spent studying, practicing skills and attitudes that reflect justice and the sanctity of Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit. Trained as an educator, my life has been devoted to cultural development and social justice.
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