Is It Knee Jerk?

Or the very fine line between dip shit and dipped in shit

I want to know when when the moniker extremist and/or alarmist transforms into common sense pragmatism. See, where I come from is an unbroken tradition of activists who played the game when it came to shaping public policy. what really mattered is not how staunchly we waved our banners or how deliberate our actions were against the war, against nuclear energy and bombs, against the defilement of our greatest gift, an ecosystem that could sustain us in health. forever gone are the chances at any of those laudable goals. As far as I can reckon, I’m coming into my own fifty year involvement of working from the inside to make the world a better place, but frankly, how much affect can one man have in the vast complex of interactions between our species and the planetary systems that give us sustenance? Is it wrong to abhor the “logic” that thought we could win a war for hearts and minds with bombs and napalm? Could the massive groundswell of public opinion be given their due, aknowleging their moral high ground on Rocky Flats? Is it any wonder that there has been scant little attention paid to the nuclear waste in the Pacific Ocean, yet some Bozo is claiming that if he gets elected President, you will see two dollar gas!

as well-reasoned and insightful as our parents told us the folks in suits were, they sold us a bill of goods on this one. It is past time to demand an end to borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. On the best of days in the nuclear arena, massive influx of cash and resources are subsidized heavily by the US taxpayer. For electricity that will one day course through our power grid and being used but for an instant, then, for at least ten thousand years, there will be the mother of all waste to guarantee safe storage of, sequester from the public and protect with armed guards. Sounds silly, no? It’s OK, at least I don’t think we are having a problem seeing eye to eye on this.

Anyway, where have the valiant and peaceful loving people been on the issues? Let’s see. Worker rights were championed by the left, until they were sold out by Clinton with all the “free trade” agreements, bet he wishes he had that to do over. Then, the environment, had we instituted a carbon tax back then our average fleet economy would be in the fifty mile per gallon range, the roundabout craze would be long passed and endemic, we would all know how to drive on them by now and the rapid fluctuations in the “market” for oil would be dampened rather than being made more frenetic like we see today.

Let’s see, the last big quake in the Eastern US, hmmm, predates nuclear energy production facilities. Why on earth should we count on them and not our other infrastructure? Too soon? When would be a good time? Who will stand up when it is too late? Do we need surrogate parents by the name of God to inspire us? If so, whip that hole card out, because there may not be much time left.

Do I need to go on to women’s rights, reproductive rights, the rights of children, of future generations? All championed by the left. Even the well-known examples of “aid” like the “green revolution” and lending agencies like the IMF and World Bank having been co-opted by corporate giants, once failed could be pawned off on “bleeding heart liberals” for covering the ass of the most dastardly characters on the planet. Remember when Nestle’ unloaded all that “just add water” baby formula in Africa, where no good water could be found. Millions died for their tax break. Is it knee jerk or is it just too damned tired of the story never changing to want to think about it anymore. Make up your own mind, that is what it is for and don’t ever let your brain tell you that your heart is lying, because it won’t.


About otherfishwrap

One of the last of the Baby Boomers, I remember where I was when JFK was shot. Good story. Born during the Cuban Missile Crisis, my life has been spent studying, practicing skills and attitudes that reflect justice and the sanctity of Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit. Trained as an educator, my life has been devoted to cultural development and social justice.
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