Two Locust Trees Sacrificed For The NFL Season Opener

I am committed to replanting trees so seeing two healthy trees cut up and hauled away because they stood in the way of a concert, set up in a parking lot, makes me feel sick to my stomach. I have a uniquely strange perspective as a shaman and eco-phreak. Add to that the fact that my job as a stagehand required me to build around the stumps and you can see, there is maximum conflict. In a sense, the couple thousand dollars that I made over the ten days or so were dependent on cutting the trees. On the other hand, I feel that I have to give back in relation to what I have gained. The next twenty trees that I plant I am dedicating to those two that were cut. I’m sure that the NFL will plant new ones that cost as much as I earned to replace, and they should, but the need for trees, especially around Lambeau field is so great, that I want to make up for the sterilized landscape elsewhere in our town.

I have found that there are no bad times to plant trees, other than when the ground is frozen solid, or rainfall is too sporadic. Imagine if we all planted just two trees each and every time the NFL started their season! Within ten to twenty years, there would be many millions more trees than there are today. The feelings of community and ownership of our place would blossom and not only would the economy thrive, but the heart of the community would be nourished. Take this to another level and encourage friends to plant a tree to commemorate successful as well as unsuccessful proposals, marriages, divorces, births of children, graduations, enlistments, budding business ventures, or paying off a note. Commemorate deaths as well as changes that the living are coming through. Tip your hat to the mail carrier by planting a tree where it can cast shade on your mailbox. Any occasion, rite of passage or commemoration can be a perfect occasion for planting a tree or several! I am sure that each one of us can find hundreds of places that would be better with a few more trees.

Amazingly, and somewhat ironically, in the background of the NFL’s opening day concert was the Oneida Nation Entrance to Lambeau Field. The Oneida proudly say that their reservation is where the  forest begins. This can be a call for all packers fans to plant trees for the team, perhaps for each victory on the way to out next Superbowl win. Fall is about to delight us with her colorful displays. As you look out upon whatever vestigial forest species that grace your path, don’t forget to appreciate them. They stand outside their whole lives, 24-7-365 making the air that you breathe, sheltering the soils and cooling the planet.

ECO-Tours of Wisconsin, our local non-profit that continues to plant trees across Northeast Wisconsin continues to ask our readers for financial support. The numbers of trees that we plant require that we still buy seedlings and care for trees between nursery and their ultimate homes. The costs, are real and our need is real the bigger your donations, the more trees we can plant. To donate simply, and securely, by finding us at paypal and our account there is at

In an age that the richest 400 folks control as much wealth as 160 million of the rest of us, we need to make sure that our needs are met first. They have enough money to buy clean air and water. The rest of us are being asked to live on scraps, while they are enriched at the government trough. In memory of those two trees I commit to redouble my efforts to plant trees and the seeds of hope for the future, not through what seems expedient, but what will provide the greatest good for the most people.



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One of the last of the Baby Boomers, I remember where I was when JFK was shot. Good story. Born during the Cuban Missile Crisis, my life has been spent studying, practicing skills and attitudes that reflect justice and the sanctity of Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit. Trained as an educator, my life has been devoted to cultural development and social justice.
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One Response to Two Locust Trees Sacrificed For The NFL Season Opener

  1. Update, the football season is well over and there has been no attempt to replace the trees that were cut. Where they used to be are blacktop scars near the crosswalks that people use to get from the parking lot to our arenas and convention center.

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