#5 Advent of Pagan Schools

It was just a matter of time…

Before we began to realize what a pitiful shame it was to lose our birthright amongst the trappings of modern life. The comfort and guidance of our ancestors, alive within intact cultures has not fared well in our schools of “reason”. In all intact tribal cultures the elders are revered. The knowledge gained through living has traction today as much as it has in the past, but rather than plumbing the depths of the unknown for facts and data, pagan schools accept the reality of our great inability to pin down each and every salient point. Reductionism always kills the specimen which we seek to investigate. The essential qualities that need to be studied and understood will always cease to function under this form of study.

History is not an endless parade of dates, wars and occurrences that are reflected in the headlines of the day, but a lotus blossom of experiences experienced by the common folk and the majority of the populations that make up humanity. What linear, reductionist timelines do is falsely inspire a sense of knowing while keeping us blind to the experiences of our own people. In this hectic twenty-first century age, we have come to the point of commemorating events that are still unfolding, memorializing people who are still alive and working amongst us. The land remembers, in very special ways, the very act of our passing regrettably many of us are indifferent to our own footfalls and pagan schools attempt to re-orient us in the chaos of a world of transient awareness and dismal dissection. As we come to terms with our digitally enhanced state of affairs, even the young are striving for insight into what stands the test of time, what life is really all about and the functions that make the most positive difference for the greatest number of people. these things are best known through a somewhat magical view of the world, one that accepts the great unknown as a vital part of our human existence.

Wars that punctuate the most widely recognized arc of history are not understood as a collection of dates or even the “reasons” behind the great losses of life, limb and property. nor do the alliances that led to a victory count when weighed in the balance of time. The salient point of all wars is that the mothers dressed their young boys (and now, more and more their girls) for the last time, as children and sent them into a void from which many were never to return. The crushing weight of that burden amongst those who loved the soldiers and the ultimate crap shoot that was to determine whether or not these young people would return is the only truth worth studying. In history we love a story about the returning soldiers, but shy away from the truth of the many whose blood was sacrificed on foreign soils.

My very own sister, scientist that she is, recently was blessed with the experience of seeing a pair of praying mantises mate. The iconic story that has come down to us through the modern-day schools is that in the act of coitus, the female beheads the male and that somehow the pressure differential within the males body during the act of being beheaded had an influence on his ejaculate. This wisdom was passed down by those white coated folks who held captive creatures which they could not possibly understand, in unnatural conditions under acute scrutiny. What they told us was a lie, perpetrated on generations of open minded children for the fulfillment of a mission. A laudable mission at that, but a completely wrong-headed and dangerous one at that. Tens of thousands, if not millions of words have been stacked up in the effort to explain or integrate these truths and by now, it seems, we have all become aware of this “truth.” however, in the natural unfolding of things, this was never the case. In the wild, these creatures are more caring, compassionate and loving than even the scientists who had made it their life’s work to analyze the species. In aberrant conditions, unnatural things happen.

Pagan schools recognize the sanctity of all life, honor the spirit and true nature of that which we seek to understand, and revel in the art of understanding the subtle energies and spirit that abides within each and every object that we cross paths with. It is this undying respect and compassion for all life that rekindle the knowledge of our ancestors. The myths that we live by may be fiction, but they are as important and relevant in our time as they were centuries ago. The cultures that we are able to create are based on what we share as common knowledge as much as on any discreet inquiry into specialized fields and the realization of our place in nature’s chain may yet catch up with us. The pagan schools that are forming around the world seek to place us on a more stable and permanent base from which to grow, develop, pass on awareness and ultimately give back to the people and places that we love.


About otherfishwrap

One of the last of the Baby Boomers, I remember where I was when JFK was shot. Good story. Born during the Cuban Missile Crisis, my life has been spent studying, practicing skills and attitudes that reflect justice and the sanctity of Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit. Trained as an educator, my life has been devoted to cultural development and social justice.
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