Idiocracy In Action or The Cult Of Ignorance?

We are essentially breeding a race of people who believe that “reality tv” represents behaviors that are acceptable. I blame it all on the writer’s strike (2007-2008) when networks began to experiment with distilling hundreds of thousands of hours worth of material to brief half hour programs. Back then, when the idea of non-linear editing was in it’s infancy, and the technicians were still working, media had the tools to capture terrible behaviors in the name of ratings. I had heard, from people in the industry that sixteen to twenty film crews were needed around the country to bring you the half hour of “live” busts that went down it the television show C.O.P.S. At that time, hardly one half hour was dedicated to community service organizations, really good news about all the great things going on locally or local ways for volunteers to get involved. It is still ludicrous that we allow one ignorant individuals heinous beliefs or behaviors to dominate the entire news week and for what? For neglect of the real issues.

Current discussion is all about duplicity and fear. Perfect for a growing cadre of people who have watched fighting for entertainment for two decades. Evolution is inevitable, but we must wrest the young from the grasp of media, teach them about family, meals together and relationship if we are to survive as a species. Have we not grown out of the misogyny of our religious texts and interpretations yet? I swear, those who have not yet found peace between the sexes, are missing more than half the fun, over half of their potential and squandering the possibility of far more joy and sense of acceptance than can be imagined under the “Womyn Are From Venus, Men Are From Mars” scenario. Once again, this shows the ancient wisdom of the pagans that the god and goddess were in cahoots. This flies in the face of dualistic principles, because through union, creation occurs. We are poised to co-create a new age, following the water bearers. What can slake the thirst of nations bent on rude behavior and their accompanying sense of entitlement? The great peace can only come from realizing the people of all nations deserve respect. If their own governments will not give them respect the obvious course of action is to allow new forms of government that allow citizens to co-create a new sense of what the term “state” might mean. When working with the biosphere, rather than against it, dollars are far more resistant to flowing across state borders. Often bio-regional affairs involving planning, cooperation and mutual investments require new “borders”, or at least our ways of thinking of them.

How do we bring our younger generation back from the brink of disaster? I certainly wouldn’t want to grow up thinking that the planet is based on dog-eat-dog principles, no matter what our current administration, or the next want tot ell us about how great they are and how dastardly their opposition is, I for one want neither! Duality will never yield qualitative change. We must forge a vision that is tolerant and inclusive. The house as it has been said, that is divided against itself cannot stand.

Fortunately, their are, every day, more people who have heard the call to testify in the name of sanity. not to stoke the firs of division, but to carry the water for voices much more potent and insistent than our own. I for one, speak for the trees. I tell tales of the great water and the winds, I give words to the spirit of fire. The secret that mystics through the ages knew is that we are all one, joined inexorably by a universal harmonic. Om. When we allow our self to dissolve into, or empathetically resonate with them, transformations of our entire make up change. If we estrange ourselves from this oneness, grief follows us like a dervish, when we accept the responsibility that comes with knowing that we are agents of universal consciousness, vessels of the great horned god and his consort, or whatever words you like to use, it is important to act wisely. Wisdom is not found in books, but flows from the elders, not media, not television. It is through storytellers and sages, the healers and the guides. The surest sign of someone who has not understood the most important things is when they tell you that they have.

The terrible thing that a senator worthy of shunning said this past week about so-called “legitimate rape” was the epitome of Idiocracy in action, especially when the media made less of the factual inaccuracy of his claim than the fact that it caused discord within his party. Uh, folks, he chose to lie and claim certainty all at once. This one error is grievous enough to warrant immediate removal from office. It shows an utter lack of basic knowledge about over half the population! If he truly believes what he said, or if anyone does, they need to be put straight on the facts immediately. Millions of children have been born out of forcible rape, statutory rape, incest and NO, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “LEGITIMATE RAPE”.

You may ask yourself, “What has this to do with Permaculture, ECO-Tours or Trees?” Well, for us to understand what the planet wants, we need to know what the people on the planet want and first and foremost, they do not want to be raped. Empathy begins with us. We must model behaviors that reflect peace, harmony and love for ourselves and one another if we are to glean the rewards that come from the give back, or as I like to call it, the give away. empathy allows us to have deeper respect for others, for nature, and for parts of the biosphere that were formerly unknown to us. Learning to speak their language is often easier when we learn to speak to one another.

I urge each of my readers to make a special effort this week to understand someone of the opposite sex, a plant or animal and one natural force or phenomenon. I guarantee that you will not be the same person next week, or the week after that. blessed Be in your quest and please, steer clear of those who would fill your head with non-sense to keep you from discussing what really matters and may your paths lead to brighter futures for the next seven generations.


About otherfishwrap

One of the last of the Baby Boomers, I remember where I was when JFK was shot. Good story. Born during the Cuban Missile Crisis, my life has been spent studying, practicing skills and attitudes that reflect justice and the sanctity of Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit. Trained as an educator, my life has been devoted to cultural development and social justice.
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