Change Is Gonna Come

I sat on this post for nearly two moons. Each time I prepare to present it, something supremely dramatic takes place and my point momentarily seems to have no merit because of it. Each time, I stretch my imagination, thinking of possibilities that are beyond imagination, scenarios that eclipse our experience occur. More and more, the daily news outstrips imagination with what are at once, horrible tragedies and mundanely boring “events”. As we all see, each crazy event deserves more attention than we could ever give…after all, tomorrow or at least by next week, that tragedy will seem tame.

“Your town lost twenty people to the flu? What of it? Our town had a  a nightclub burn down and 700 died…”

“Give me a break, over 100 Ex-pat Tibetans have set themselves afire in the past year.”

“Are you kidding? We had shit fall out of the sky and that sent hundreds to the hospital.”

“Half our forest burned down man…” but ” Whatever, Our houses washed away one day and we’ve been living in our aunt’s basement for three months (or ten years)!”

The keen urge to do anything about any of it has been either dulled or surgically removed by the media. Blistering through so many catastrophes, in a 24-hour news cycle, demands attention, but only ’til the next wave breaks. If you believe what you are seeing, chaos is the tail, wagging a great dog.

Far less sexy, and almost never on tee vee, are the vast majority, who have known for years, that ecological destruction cannot stand. We, who walk to work, bicycle, volunteer, have planted trees or gardens, or at least a few plants, shoppers of the local farmer’s market, or who have only enjoyed them while on vacation, make pretty lame television, certainly not news. I get pretty worked up over a really nice beet or spear of Swiss chard, but getting that into the digital realm is not gonna sell insurance, anti-depressants, pecker pills or beer. Those who have already welcomed the transition would not sit still for a how-to about the easy steps that we all need to take. Nor would most of us want some sexy woman in a bikini prancing around trying to sell NASCAR fanatics on the lifestyle of ECO-Awareness.

It seems that each atrocity needs to be forgotten before we can attend to next natural disaster and that each is purged from our awareness by the next mass shooting. We are immediately distracted from that by a peculiar love triangle between three separate species and by the afternoon, there has been another bridge collapse. Meanwhile, critical ongoing crises are ignored, like 10,000 children who die each and every day from drinking foetid water. We are so distracted from real life that is going on all around us, that we are not aware of the toxic soup that is spewed from coal-fired electric generating stations or our tailpipes. If the daily fare is prurient enough, we can be guided away from looking at the growing trend toward fracking or the energy wasting, ecological catastrophe that is “tar sands” or the holes in the existing sections of the XL Pipeline. This is all by design.

What is real is that the current trajectory is wholly and undeniably un-sustainable. All issues and crises revolve around a single point and this is how we begin to develop stability amidst a rapidly changing world… As far as I have seen, there are precious few who are willing to share this information and even fewer who are willing to let you know for free, but I’m going to tell you…It is Love.

A shaman, Dr. Malidoma Patrice Some’, in the documentary “With One Voice”…”Go hike in nature. Stand in front of a very tall tree and listen to the deep noisy silence held together in that entity and wonder, why can’t I be like that? Stand still in the same place for, we don’t know how long and find one self growing taller and taller and taller, both upward and downward. There is something about that which defines greatness as the most obvious depth of quiet inside of which the deepest song can be heard.”
Later in the film, he asks,”Is it possible for one human race to open their eyes and look at each other and see gifts everywhere? Let’s start with the gift of love. It has no market value right now…but what if it does? What will the world look like once we converge our frustration into compassion, converge our hatred into salvos of love, fired at one another, randomly? What if we invade or entertain the spirit of invading each other with peace? What would the world look like, changing our discourse, our language so that the very word that we use as explosive words to support reason why we should harm one another are subdued and turned into words of love? When you hate someone, send that someone a love poem and see how that person reacts. Is it possible for us to conceive of victory at national level, victory of one nation against another using the yardstick of love and compassion? If this is conceivable then we have reached the same spirit, the same religion and we are all heading toward the final stage of beautifying this globe we call our village.

Love as if it may be your last breath…Love with vengeance. Love with the energy and fierce intensity that the oppressors, the exploiters, the rapers of Mother Earth have had for stealing from our collective wealth and with which they were willing to lay waste to anything that stands in their way. Become a Peace Warrior! Namaste’.


About otherfishwrap

One of the last of the Baby Boomers, I remember where I was when JFK was shot. Good story. Born during the Cuban Missile Crisis, my life has been spent studying, practicing skills and attitudes that reflect justice and the sanctity of Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit. Trained as an educator, my life has been devoted to cultural development and social justice.
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