Move Political Prisoner Debbie Africa’s Upcoming Parole Hearing

For many, the MOVE are unknown, but for those who seek a sustainable future, these are some of the earliest “bioneers” of our movement. After generations of harassment, assaults carried out by police, prejudice and hate, the Move are still alive, more or less intact and continuing the efforts for which they have been persecuted. The first that I heard of the MOVE group, was through the writings published in the Yipster Times, a publication of all things YIP (Youth International Party) As far back as seventy six, these folks were trying to rehabilitate cities, especially Philadelphia, trying to make them thrive, producing their own food within an urban gentrified core, which were becoming common across the nation. Food production in urban areas is now becoming fashionable, but back then, the trend established by the big money interests was to get us all sequestered into food deserts where we could have our income extracted by the corporate model of providing for our every need and want, at a price, our humanity.

The MOVE was contrary to the flow of history at that time, but their ideas were vital and strong and continue to influence the debate about our food shed, what is wrong with technocracy and what, exactly, our responsibilities are to one another,  the human tribe, to nature and to the future of our planet. Our national loyalties used to be to GM, Ford and Chrysler, Exxon-Mobil and Shell Oil and the patriotism of the day wanted all of us to work for the war machine of Rockwell International, General Dynamics and General Electric. To some extent, those companies are being replaced by ever-larger banking and financial institutions. Do not delude yourself, there are those among us who still want us to bow down to the corporate structures behind these and many other corporate welfare recipients, but the tide has turned. The big corporados just will not let go of their powerful dominion over us. Their hands have become accustomed to being tightly wrapped around the throat of our nation.

This may seem out of place in a blog that purports to be about ecology, Permaculture, ECO-ethics and Trees, but for the past several decades, our local not-for-profit, ECO-Tours of Wisconsin Inc. has planted trees across Northeast Wisconsin. We rehabilitate areas that have fallen under the heavy hand of corporate dominion. This past year we have been making inroads toward planting in the watershed of Lake Superior, expanding the reach of our work exponentially. We see many, very real, threats from business as usual or what our very powerful overlords call “just business”. Taking stock of the current state of affairs is a significant part of making the desired changes required to get to an optimal future state. Creating a valid government requires that we no longer imprison large numbers of black people simply because we do not want to hear what they have to say, the way they choose to express their truth or the recreation that they might seek to enjoy. Permaculture will require a more realistic view of our citizens, no matter what color they are.

I hate to mix apples and oranges, but the rapid rise in incarceration foisted upon the residents of central cities from across our nation is nothing short of genocidal. To sequester a significant part of our society behind bars, especially when it pushes beyond the percentage of any time in recorded history, reeks of bigotry, racism and a cultural reality that neglects human rights and freedom at a very real cost to our future. Imagine the state of affairs that the MOVE family has had to endure. Parents in jail for over thirty years, for crimes they never committed. Enduring the wrath of the state over frivolous charges based on stereotypes and hatred, nothing more. The same can be said for the millions of “drug” prisoners (not that the MOVE were charged with any drug charges, they were straight edge.) whose only offense was that they were trying to make a living in parts of our cities that had been written off but for the value of extracting capital from them.

There has been a continuing increase, a veritable groundswell of people becoming aware of the extractive quality of our oligarchy. Millions more are standing up for truth and justice in the face of class warfare.  We all know that there is a class of people who buy our politicians, rig our elections and determine our quality of life, or lack thereof,  in increasingly insidious ways. The Move were just the beginning of a great movement that continues to gain strength. Please support the release of political prisoners, wherever you may find them. please take the time to get to know the facts and write a letter or two about what you find. The future needs all of us to stand together to stop this sort of homegrown terrorism against our own people.

Prison Books Collective

freethemove9 From Denver Anarchist Black Cross

We just wanted to inform people that sometime in May Debbie (Sims) Africa will be going before The Pa Parole Board for what will be her now 7th parole hearing since 2008 . We are putting together a parole sample sheet and are asking that people sign it or write their own letter of parole in support of Debbie for her upcoming hearing people can mail Their letters of support for Debbie’s Parole to The Move Organization 19709 Philadelphia pa 19143. Time is short so we need as many letters as possible

Ona Move

Please take a moment to write a letter in support of parole for Debbie prior to her next hearing scheduled for in or after May 2014. Letters can be sent to The Move Organization at P.O. Box 19709, Philadelphia, PA 19143. Please make sure your letter arrives by May 1st.

Sample letter:

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